Saturday, February 20, 2016

Can I get taller ?

You height is influenced by both genetic and non-genetic factors. If you look at genetics than the height of both parents can determine ones height, with observers noting that the height of a male may be five inches greater than parents’ height while females have five inches less than that for parents. Non-genetic factors include; use of drugs during the gestation period by mother, childhood illness and low birth weight. They tend to lower ones tallness. 

Ones diet determines a lot the height. Minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium enhance development of bones and increase in bone density that forms basis for extent of tallness. Deficiency in zinc may result to stunted growth hence need for more in-take for more height benefits. Vitamin D which can be sourced from fish, mushroom, dairy products and sunlight is essential for growth of bones in the body. Proteins in the body triggers generation of growth hormones hence eating eggs, meat, legumes, and other foods rich in proteins is a perfect addition to the diet of someone who wants more height.

If you still ask how to grow taller, here is yet another way; physical exercise. Regular participation in sports stimulates release of growth hormones in the body that will make your height move an inch higher. Basketball and tennis involve a lot of jumping which adds value to your weight and height. Sprint exercises causes micro-fractures in the bones, which heal after sometime as new tissues feel the fractures, this can add your height by half an inch. Rope jumping and skipping do well to your bone mass also. Swimming lengthens muscles and this can be done for up to two hours a day in five to six days of the week for maximum results. 
Many people have also discovered the use of grow taller supplements. it is a combination of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that enhance bone growth, mass and density. However great care must be taken with this method, it is very safe to use supplements with one hundred percent natural ingredients. A great example of this is Ashwagandha a herb of Indian origin that broadens bone skeleton and density. It is taken with a glass of milk before going to bed. Although use of supplements increases height instantly, they have side effects, which may include disorder of the heart, kidneys, liver and other body parts.

Surgery may equally give admirable results. This is a medical process done by specialists on the parts of the leg. Tibia and fibula are stretched and a telescopic rod inserted. After about six months, it is fully recovered. This is followed by a physical therapy for three to six months. However, it has its disadvantages; it is expensive, painful and may involve many complications. Therefore, it should be the last resort. 
Enough sleep is also a recipe to height. Eight to twelve hours of sleep a day for teenagers increases growth. Experts also propose that confidence is a booster of height.